Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Portal + Sketches

Sorry about the lack of updates, I seem to have problems finding my sketch groove lately.

Anyway, at least here's something arty and crafty. I made the infamous Weighted Companion Cube from the video game Portal in SketchUp. I haven't used that program for some months now, so I was a little rusty at first but was quick to remember. Took me a few hours still. I had forgotten that SU can actually be really fun to work with.

However, this is just the raw JPG-export from SU, with a few PhotoShop tweaks. I have a much better rendering program at home on my portable drive, so I intend to render this properly later.

And a couple of other sketches.

Lara Croft! This one I definitely want to finish. I'm just kinda lost on the colour...

Not sure if I'll finish this one, but we'll see. Katara is cool :D


  1. These are beautiful, Asa. I'm glad to see you drawing again. I pray Germany is replenishing your energy and helping you get creative with your art. It certainly looks like it.

    That cube is certainly memorable. I keep thinking I saw it on CG Hub or some other common site I visit. Maybe I did.

  2. cool art... you have a wonderful 3d kind of a feel to objects and people.
    gabby noble