Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hi all!

Here's something new and different to share. I did an animation for an animation course at the university. We were allowed to do whatever we wanted to, so I decided to try my hand (quite literally) at traditional, hand-drawn animation. Well, it was drawn digitally, straight into Photoshop, but the method itself is still traditional. I've never done this before, so this was definitely an experience!

With my love of different cultures and general history, I decided to make my animation about the evolution/progress of mankind, shown veeery quickly. I just have this one lady progress through the ages, nine different ones, to be exact.

I really wanted to add colour to it, but I ran out of time! So frustrating. Because initially I intended to show only the rough animation (yes, the entire thing is also available in rough), but I decided to clean the whole thing up with ink so I could later colour it. Oh well, maybe I'll do it anyway soon.

I know the text on the side is in Icelandic, but it should be fairly easy to decipher. In any case, here's the order:
Stone Ages > Egypt > Rome > England > France > Switzerland > N-America > Japan > Present Day.
Also, the title at the start is a saying, it means roughly to go very fast and quickly over something. In this case, World History :p

Song is a clip from 'Judy is a Dick Slapð by Belle and Sebastian.

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  1. Asaaaaaaaaaaaaa! That looks cool.

    You got more stuff? :D gimme gimme gimme