Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Last Three Airbenders

Hey all, long time no see!

Actually, that also applied to my drawing muse, seemed like it went on vacation. But I think I'm back on track, at least for a while!

So my two best friends and I are total Avatards--that is, obsessed with the animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender (NOT James Cameron's Avatar). We're all big fans of the element air so I drew us all in said element! These are just the sketches, but I intend to colour them all soon.

This would be me, air gliding! I'm actually not too happy how my face turned out--it's always a challenge to do a self portrait. Maybe I'll do some tweaking before I ink it.

This is my awesome friend Guggus (or Guðný, to be exact). She's always bubbly and happy so I tried to capture her spirit! She also recently started a cool blog about design stuff, go check it out! Inspiration Madness

Here is my other awesome friend Toots (or Þórunn or Tóta or...etc). I quite like how she turned out, she looks a bit serious maybe for an airbender but I think it suits her personality :]

So stay tuned for the coloured versions! Oh, also of a sketch of my brother--he requested that I draw him as a firebender. ;)


  1. OMGOSH GIRL! we look fiieeerce! tyra approves! hahah :D and tóta means business! hahah loooove theeeem!

    and remember: i has blue hair! hahaha :p

  2. Don't mess with me bitches!! En vá, ása, this is seriously good :D Love them all!!

  3. Asa, sweeeeeeeet more art work AND it's avatar. :)